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We make it easy for clients to find you

Reach the clients looking for you. We handle the search, so you can focus on doing what you love.

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A better way to get discovered

Syfted is a directory & community for nail artists who want to grow their business 


On your profile, you can showcase your work, highlight your specialties, and express what makes you unique.


Syfted's research-informed design makes it easy for clients to find you. Unlike other platforms, on Syfted, you will show up every time a client looks for you. Better search = better matches = better clientele.


We are devoted to developing and providing the resources nail artists need to build, grow, and maintain their business in and out of the chair.


When you join Syfted you are joining a helpful network  of professionals who are dedicated to moving the nail industry forward.

How It Works

Get started for free

Connect with us. Fill out this form and meet with our team 

Tell us about you. We will gather information for your profile

We'll build your profile and show you when it's done.

Clients can now find you on Syfted!

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The Story of Syfted

Advancing the industry one artist at a time.

At  Syfted, we believe every nail artist should have access to the education and resources they need to create and sustain a flourishing and profitable business.

We also believe it should be easy for clients to find professional nail artists who provide great service and care for the health of their natural nails.

Our goal is to make that happen.

Our Partners

  • Where is Syfted available?
    Syfted is available in Atlanta. We plan to expand soon.
  • This is cool. How much does it cost?
    Joining Syfted is free.
  • Do I have to be licensed to be featured on Syfted?
    Yes. Unlicensed nail artists are still welcome to join our community! When we say we believe every nail artist deserves access to the resources they need, we mean it.
  • Do I have to leave my current booking site?
    Nope! Right now, Syfted is focused on optimizing the search experience. We want to be the best at one thing: connecting you to the clients looking for you. Your profile will have a link to your booking site.
  • I'm a beginner. Can I join?
    Yep! You just have to be licensed and dedicated to providing a great client experience. Grow your clientele with us.
  • Will I need to download an app?
    Nope! Syfted will be available from mobile and desktop browsers.
  • Do clients need to make an account?
    Nope! Clients do not need to make an account to use Syfted.
  • Great! How do I get started?
    Fill out the Syfted interest form. We'll contact you with next steps!
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