The Vision

We are providing equitable access to success in the nail industry by empowering and connecting underrepresented communities of artists in the nail industry.

With Syfted, nail artists can learn from each other, find their ideal clients, and create sustainable careers that let them live their dreams - while creating the art that moves them

Connecting nail artists to clients is just the beginning.

Syfted is an inclusive community where nail artists are elevated and diversity is celebrated.

Our co-founder, Ari, is a licensed nail tech and engineer in Atlanta who has always been passionate about nails.


After a few bad experiences at discount salons, Ari discovered independent nail artists. These artists gave her the nails she wanted, but it was difficult to find them.


When Ari started her career as an independent nail artist, she experienced difficulty finding consistent clientele and knew there had to be a solution.


So she told her partner Nydrel, a software engineer about her vision, and together they created Syfted.

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