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The Vision

We are providing equitable access to success in the nail industry by empowering and connecting underrepresented communities of nail artists. 

With Syfted, nail artists can learn from each other, find their ideal clients, and create sustainable careers that let them live their dreams - while creating the art that moves them

Nail Salon

A message from our CEO

There is undeniable pride and beauty in our industry. Nail artists give clients confidence and empower clients to express themselves. The nail industry has its share of challenges, too, like misinformation, illegal business practices, and poor working conditions in some salons.

After working in these conditions and leaving to start my business, I thought, “How might I make clients aware of better options? How might I help the nail artists who do the right thing get the resources they need to have a thriving & profitable business?”

I spoke to other nail artists to understand the struggles they face running their businesses. They mentioned not knowing how to run a business and difficulty attracting and keeping clients.

The Syfted team worked to understand the root cause of these problems. We interviewed clients and researched what they look for in a nail artist, how they search, and their frustrations.

With the knowledge we’ve gained, Syfted is focusing on 5 points of excellence:

Service standards, Inclusive representation, Education, Client connection & Community

We are starting with client connection. With a research-informed design and industry-specific filter system, our directory makes it easy for clients to access skilled and licensed nail artists. And it helps nail artists to find their dream clients.

Nail artists showcased on Syfted are dedicated to their craft, care about natural nail health, provide quality services, and are licensed. We care about unlicensed nail artists, too, and want to ease the barriers to licensing. Our goal is that any nail artist can come to Syfted and find the education and support they need - no matter what stage of business they are in.

The nail artists I’ve spoken to taught me that there is more to the nail industry than just nails. I learned how important community, mentorship, and education are to long-term success in this industry and that we progress further when we move together.

To the wonderful nail artists who carry this industry, if you’re ready to try something new and change the standard of nails, I encourage you to join. There is only up from here.


Find your clients.

Find your community.

Educate your business.

Get Syfted.


-With Love

Arionna Russell


Our Founders

Arionna & Nydrel are engineers in Atlanta, GA.  Arionna is also a licensed nail tech. When they're not working on building Syfted, they're watching anime, discovering great places to eat, & Ari is doing her nails.

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